We get a lot of questions about our shop and our guitars. Some of these are asked on a regular basis. We’ll try to give you an overview of the most frequently asked questions and their answers…

Do you have guitars in stock??

Most of the time we do have a few guitars in stock. However, since we build everything on custom order we don’t have stock like a normal guitar shop.

Do you actually build guitars??

Yes we do. At least most of the time and whenever possible. We build them. From scratch.

However, sometimes we use stock bodies and necks. Mostly when speed is of the essence. Or when we don’t have a specific body shape template and it’s not feasible to make one due to low sales volume (e.g. a left handed 7 string Firebird Bass).

How is the quality of your guitars??

In one word: excellent.

We use the best wood available, premium nitro lacquer, decent quality hardware and hand wound pickups. Expect the quality of a true hand built guitar. Only much more affordable than a ‘Famous Brand Custom Shop’.

Why are your guitars so affordable??

Well, there’s no easy answer to that… A couple of things:

  • We don’t have an expensive marketing department
  • We have a small workspace and a small showroom outside the city centre
  • We do business as it should be done nowadays. Global, low stock, on demand and with tight budgets
  • We’re the builder, wholesaler and retailer all rolled into one. So no extra profit margins down the chain
Do you make your own pickups??

No we don’t. We custom order them to our specs all around the world, including the Netherlands. Our pickup guys are specialists and do an awesome job.

Who's your parcel carrier??

DHL, UPS, TNT… Name them and we’ll use them. That way we can keep shipping across the world affordable.

How long does it take to build a guitar??

Most of the time it takes 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you’re in a hurry we can always make an exception on the lead time. Please contact us before ordering!

Do you endorse bands or artist??

Yes we do. However, we do have some requirements. You need to be a signed artist, do gigs and have at least one CD out.

Please contact us at info@relicguitarsthehague.com for more info.

Can I visit your store??

Sure. We’re open on appointment (also at night, on Sunday etc.) and you’re more than welcome.

We don’t run a regular guitar store. We like to take time to talk to you and make sure we fully understand your wishes. You can try some guitars too. Furthermore there are quite a few well known artists who visit us and like their privacy. We respect that and we like to give all our clients an equal amount of attention.

Please give us a call on +31707370485 or +31624438379 if you wish to visit us. We’ll make sure everything is cleaned and the coffee is hot 🙂

Are your guitars replicas??

No. You won’t find any logos of brands we don’t own copyright on. We don’t put Fender decals on our guitars. We’re not related to any brand other than our own.

We do get inspired by the beautiful instruments some brands make and sure we can make you something that looks like a SRV, Clapton or Mayer Strat. But remember, we never sell them as, or imply they are, genuine brand guitars.

Can I bring my own guitar??

Sure. You can bring your own guitar, body or neck for us to relic.

Do you build guitars without a relic??

Yes and no.

We build guitars with lesser amount of relic. We don’t build shiny, new guitars. There are many (Dutch) builders who can make you an awesome brand new, shiny guitar for a reasonable price and with great quality. If you like we can give you the addresses of these guys. However, it’s not our cup of tea.

See our ‘Distress‘ page for more info.

Can you teach me how to build my own guitar??

Sure we can. But we won’t. Sorry for that.

How about after sales??

We think our guitars should work well and do exactly what you might reasonably expect of them.

Should there be a problem with one of our guitars, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if you’re the 10th owner we will still help you out.

Do you relic with a chainsaw or a deep fryer??

Well, we’d like to keep that a secret :-). However our relicing process does involve a bike, some rope and at leat one guitar. Do the math.

Just kidding.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we’re a custom shop. So all our guitars are made to the exact wishes of our clients. Like it or not, that’s up to you. More or less relic, it’s up to you to decide.

But, and we cannot stress this enough…, if you don’t like meat, don’t go to the butcher. We’re not impressed by comments like ‘ugly guitars, must be crap’ and ‘you shouldn’t buy a relic’d guitar, just play it for years’. Sure it’s ok to think so, tell so and try to convince others.

Just keep us out of the discussion. We do what we do best.

Can I buy your guitars in a store??


However, we’re working on having a couple of resellers in the UK, USA and The Netherlands. We’re almost there, but not quite yet.

So for now you can order your guitar on this website and on Reverb.com

What brand hardware do you use??

Most of the time we use our own – no brand – hardware. Great quality, less expensive. On request we use branded stuff. Like Fender, Gisbon, Bigsby, Gotoh, Kluson, etc.

Do you use existing guitars as a base??

Emphatic no. Period.

There are some rumors on the internet about us using Squier, Epiphone and MIM Fender models as a base for our guitars. Some even say we use Chinese guitars or Harley Benton models.

We don’t have any connection with these brands so – even if we did use existing guitars as a base – we’d have to buy them in a store. For the same price everyone pays. Bet we’d go bankrupt within a month or two 🙂

All guitars shown on our website, Facebook and Instagram are 100% hand made by us. All similarities between our instruments and those of other brands are coincidental and not intentional. Although we’ve seen a lot of guitars, it’s still possible that the appearance of our instruments have similarities with other models and brands. Please don’t be offended; we build our guitars the way we think is appealing.